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When you get approval to design your new dispatch center, be ready! Demo PSAP technology, chairs, floors and workstations at the International APCO Conference Expo - The Sand's Convention Center - August 6 and 7. Be sure to stop at booth #1215 and learn how Watson's tech-ready, future-proof workstations enhance design and provide your agency lasting value.


APCO is a premier destination for dispatch product demos

Dispatch office ideas with Watson desk setup

Start with a visit to APCO booth #1215 to see tech-ready workstations.

Many folks have little to no experience purchasing technology furniture. National training conference expos provide dedicated time to learn about many communications center amenities.

Comm center design and product pros answer your questions

Comm center design and product pros answer your questions

You will have unprecedented access to dispatch center design specialists, manufacturers and technical experts. Make a list of the equipment and support systems that your PSAP has prioritized for upgrade or replacement during the next funding cycle. These might include CAD, radio, flooring, chairs or dispatch console workstations.

Ask: "How will your product help solve my team's pain points?"

  • Physical Discomfort
  • User Energy and Focus
  • Rapid IT Integration & Access
  • Durability
  • Center Expansion or Consolidation
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Service Reputation
  • Warranty (Spoiler! Watson has the strongest warranty in the industry. Visit us, just across from Motorola, to learn more.)
tech details

Get personal and professional development advice at APCO.

How can you help create healthier and happier work environment? Be sure to check out these Watson Consoles' sponsored sessions featuring The Healthy Dispatcher, Adam Timm.

APCO Adam timm

+ Have fun!

In addition to APCO sponsored events, get out and see the sites outside of the city.


If you are fortunate enough to stay an extra day, check out recommendations from Culture Trip.

We look forward to meeting you!

Visit the Watson team in booth #1215. If you are not attending this year, you can still be part of the action. Reach out, give us feedback and learn how your day-to-day experience directly influences our console designs.


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