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From fire and EMS to non-emergency calls, your team does it all and you need a system that works as hard as they do. Watson Consoles are extremely durable and come with a Lifetime Plus Ten warranty. You'll feel good about your investment today and years down the road.


A proven blend

A welded steel frame, a rigorously tested lifting system, and commercial-grade engineered wood provide durability you can count on. Watson's decades of experience in both wood and steel manufacturing resulted in a console with superior support and performance.

steel frame - small (1)

Smart investment

Our design and choice of materials stand up to the demands of your center, providing a decade or more of service you can rely on. Our no-gimmicks approach ensures you'll create a PSAP that looks as good in ten years as it does the day it goes live.


Future-proof your consoles

Our modular technology integration meets the needs of today and tomorrow. Technology can be easily scaled up with limited downtime and tailored to meet the exact needs of your operation.

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"Since changing to the new Mercury Consoles....well, it's slicker, it's sleeker, it is modern and beautiful and we love's really convenient that we have more adjustable consoles...and far fewer fights about the overhead lights because everyone can light their own consoles!"

Supervisor, TComm 911

"Mercury won because it offered everything we needed in IT and for the dispatchers. The dispatchers love the consoles, there hasn't been one complaint."

Operations Manager, Weber Area Dispatch 911

"The dispatch consoles are as sturdy as we thought they would be. We demand a product that will stand up to 24/7, 365 use. Besides that, they are beautiful and functional as well! The space exceeds our expectations and the operators are very happy with their new workstations."

Director, Shelby County 911 - Memphis PD

Idea Starters

Let us help you bring your center to life.

Our team is ready to help upgrade your control room.

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