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In a previous blog, Treadmills at your dispatch console: the good, the bad, and the ugly, we shared experiences that 911 dispatchers have had with treadmills in their centers. We learned that it’s not always a great fit for everyone. For those centers that have decided to incorporate treadmills, here are the top picks for commercial applications AND three reasons why sourcing directly can benefit your team.


When an under-desk treadmill is right for your team...

Recently, the Guardian Medical Transport dispatch team selected Watson and designed into the floor plan a Watson workstation with an under-desk treadmill. This is a great fit! The team requested it and they have plenty of space to accommodate the equipment.

While Watson does not re-sell under desk treadmills, our workstations can accommodate them. And we can point you in the right direction for sourcing the a budget-friendly under-desk treadmill with features that benefit your team.

Guardian Full Room crop

Benefits to sourcing your own under-desk treadmill

When considering the investment, research is key! There are many options on the market, some with unique features. And, if you shop wisely, you can extend the value of your purchase.

  1. You'll save money by purchasing a treadmill without secondary mark-up!
  2. Involve your dispatch team in the research to boost commitment to use the equipment regularly. Encourage potential users to be familiar with the benefits (and cost) of the equipment.
  3. Get access to knowledgeable exercise equipment techs by purchasing from a specialized supplier.
Guardian Full Room (002)

This PSAP has two stations, left and right, for dispatchers who want to use under desk treadmills.

Top 3 treadmills for console workstations

Here are the top three under-desk treadmills as rated by the team at Treadmill Review Guru.

  1. LifeSpan TR1200 – DT3 The LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 is upgraded and streamlined with a broader walking area measuring 20″W x 50″L and lower step-up height 4.6″. Its powerful 2.25 HP continuous duty motor works quietly regardless of the speed and intensity of the workout.
  1. iMovR ThermoTread GT iMovR ThermoTread GT is a professional under desk treadmill that has been designed keeping its use for office and home in mind. It is enriched with useful features like being dramatically quieter, smaller and is still powerful enough to meet your expectations.
  1. LifeSpan TR800-DT3 LifeSpan TR800-DT3 is quite affordable and a true pal of budgeted-buyers. It is quiet, convenient, reliable enough and works without interrupting in an office environment.

For the full review of these models including specs, pros and cons, links to pricing, important safety tips and more, visit the Treadmill Review Guru. This group has made treadmill knowledge their priority since the 1990s and have been featured by USA Today, Men’s Health and

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