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AisleStorageDispatch and Control Room Storage: Hub-mounted aisle storage in a 911 Dispatch Center.
FabricCornerFabric Corner for Mercury Base, Standard, or Pro
MultiuseLockersDispatch and Control Room Storage: Day lockers in a dispatch center
StationMercury Pro Console
EndStationStorageDispatch and Control Room Storage: End Unit Storage
BillingsMontana911-1Control room plan with over 10 consoles: A mid-sized 911 Dispatch Center configuration
BillingsMontana911-2Dispatch and Control Room Storage: Sit-to-stand consoles, end stacking storage, outboard storage, and technology cabinets in a regional dispatch center
CableBridgeDedicated raceways for power and data cables in a dispatch console cable bridge for Mercury Base, Standard, or Pro
TechBridgeFanOutletsFans to actively cool technology for Mercury Base, Standard, or Pro
EnergyChainLiftingColumnsSteel lifting legs and an energy chain to manage cables under a dispatch console for Mercury Pro
DispatchDeskHubInteriorView of the interior of a console hub with data distribution for Mercury Pro
DispatchDeskHubExteriorView of the exterior of a dispatch console hub with power distribution for Mercury Pro
TechCabinetOpenFansOutboard technology cabinet with cooling fans to keep technology running at optimal temperature for Mercury Base, Pro, or Standard
EnvironmentalControlsPersonal environmental controls for task lights, cool air, and heaters for Mercury Pro
AdjustableCoolAirFansPersonal Environmental controls with adjustable cooling fans for Mercury Pro
AmbientLightPro Console with Ambient Light on for Mercury Standard or Pro
USBPortsandPowerIn-dash data for charging personal devices for Mercury Pro
SlatRailMonitorsSlat Rail Monitor Array with articulating arms for individual monitor adjustment for Mercury Standard or Pro
EnergyChainWorksurfaceCableMgmtView of cable management with the worksurface pulled out for focal adjustment for Mercury Pro
CableMgmtIn-dash cable management for power and data for Mercury Pro
RearDashPowerRear Dash Power and cable management for Mercury Pro
911EMSFire311View of a large OUC: Large Office of Unified Communications, over 150 stations