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Adaptability is key, especially in centers where space isn’t always optimal. Our modular consoles give your team all the flexibility, customization, and storage they need with sit-or-stand capabilities, built-in lockers for personal items, and available environmental controls for extra comfort.

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Work in that way that works best

Adjustable workstations let dispatchers switch between sitting and standing, alleviating leg and lower back pain.

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Storage for personal belongings

Keep coats, bags, and other items safely out of sight with integrated, lockable storage.

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Health at the touch of a button.

Ergonomic features are most effective when their controls are simple and within easy reach. The embedded switches in Mercury Consoles are within arm's length, facilitating their use and promoting healthy habits.


Idea Starters

Free Design Guide: Positioning your PSAP for Retention.

Design trends for healthy, functional dispatch centers.

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