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You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and state-of-the-art technology for space. Watson Consoles provide real time monitoring and rapid back-up deployment capabilities you need to keep your campus safe — regardless of your facility’s size.

UNLV Floorplan

Covering a lot of ground

The ebb and flow of a campus requires constant attention to detail, and Mercury Consoles miss no detail in ergonomic features to help keep dispatchers alert and healthy. Monitors and worksurfaces can be adjusted to minimize neck and eye strain, lights and temperature to personalize each workstation to perfection. And all made with SCS Indoor-air-quality certified wood to keep your team breathing easy while they keep campus resting easy.

A Ph.D in planning

Our design team works with you to determine the right-sized consoles and accessories for your unique needs and space. Worksurfaces can be specified in multiple lengths, technology can be condensed to a tech bridge to house PCs and condense space, and storage is stackable on hub cabinetry.


Making the grade

A small center still has big needs, and efficiency is everything when it comes to routing technology. Mercury hubs come in multiple depths and lengths to ensure that your technology can be robust even if your footprint needs to be minimal.


Idea Starters

Build Your Custom Console.

Create a Console tailored to your control room.

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