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Experience, Expertise, and Design

Our unmatched blend of elements results in dispatch furniture that is as functional and durable as it is beautiful.

Why Watson

A console for any team, space plan, or budget.

The Mercury Collection of dispatch consoles is built to last, to serve, and to scale.

Mercury Base

Practical. Reliable. Adaptable.

High Performance without high cost. Crafted with durable materials, providing the full technological capacity and worksurface space of other dispatch consoles.

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Mercury Standard

Functional. Durable. Flexible.

Practical performance, smart design. With benefits to your entire mission critical team, from operators to IT techs, and quality assurance to ensure a decade of support.

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Mercury Pro

Incomparable. Efficient. Evolved.

Features curated to enhance dispatcher health and performance plus a blend of materials uniquely engineered to endure the rigors of a 24/7 environment for a decade or longer.

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Adaptable. Efficient. Durable.

With features curated to enhance dispatcher health and performance, Mercury Corner & Command also provides the freedom to plan console layouts to fit space constraints and user needs.

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"Since changing to the new Mercury Consoles....well, it's slicker, it's sleeker, it is modern and beautiful and we love's really convenient that we have more adjustable consoles...and far fewer fights about the overhead lights because everyone can light their own consoles!"

Supervisor, TComm 911

"Mercury won because it offered everything we needed in IT and for the dispatchers. The dispatchers love the consoles, there hasn't been one complaint."

Operations Manager, Weber Area Dispatch 911

"The dispatch consoles are as sturdy as we thought they would be. We demand a product that will stand up to 24/7, 365 use. Besides that, they are beautiful and functional as well! The space exceeds our expectations and the operators are very happy with their new workstations."

Director, Shelby County 911 - Memphis PD

"You're so easy to deal with, I go straight to you without even thinking which desk it is. Thanks for all you do to help me out, I really appreciate it!"

Manager, County of San Bernardino

“Every aspect from planning, to tear down, to move in would not have been possible without the hard work your team put in to keep us on schedule. Our staff couldn’t be happier to be back at headquarters and with the upgrades which have been made.”

Management Assistant, Anne Arundel County 911

The strongest warranty.

We don't just build exceptionally durable consoles, we back up the value with the best standard parts warranty in the industry, Lifetime + 10. You can trust in our service and support for a lifetime.

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A dispatch center space plan for today and tomorrow.

Springboard your space planning by exploring our collection of floorplan solutions.

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