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Large centers that house different types of emergency and non-emergency response teams in the same room have unique requirements. With Watson Consoles, dispatchers benefit from privacy screens, plus environmental controls to keep them comfortable and focused throughout their shift.


Something for everyone

Keeping everyone happy is easy with a full suite of comfort controls that each dispatcher can customize to their preferences. Hot and cool air, task and ambient lighting, and power for personal devices are all in easy reach, and personalized monitor settings allow each user to set the array at the height and distance that’s best for their body.

Keep communication flowing

Recycled fabric privacy screens provide an acoustic buffer — a huge benefit in busy 24/7 environments. Clear acrylic screens provide line of sight to video walls, supervisor platforms, and notifications while building space between positions.


Something everyone agrees on

Dispatchers love the customizable workstations, with everything to remain productive and comfortable within arm's reach. IT Managers love the easy-to-use, smart technology integration that can be accessed even while the position remains active. Center Managers love the smart selection of materials that guarantees a decade or more of peak performance.


Idea Starters

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