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Having the right ergonomics and technology matter. Whether your team is monitoring traffic patterns, controlling electronic signage, or viewing video surveillance, Watson Consoles keep operators comfortable, focused, and in control of mass-transportation systems no matter what.

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A broad field of vision

Transportation dispatchers need a setup and workflow that allows for clear sightlines. The Watson team understands the nuances and the needs that differentiate each type of dispatch. We'll work with you to create a floorplan that makes the best use of space and allows for unobstructed vision while you keep the roads running smoothly.

Beat the traffic

The cable bridge on Mercury can handle cable volume like no other. Power and data cables are separated to minimize signal interference and the capacity allows your team to remote in data from a multitude of sources, allowing your team to respond in real time.


Don't get stuck

Coordinating response teams and keeping traffic flowing often means long hours at a console. Mercury's environment controls help keep dispatchers alert, productive, and healthy, resulting in fewer call-outs and keeping your team from getting in a jam.


Idea Starters

Our team is ready to help upgrade your control room.

Let us help you bring your center to life.

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