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What is the cost of a console?

  • Every dispatch console is different but Mercury can meet every budget. We also can assist with private offices, conference rooms, lockers, and central storage. To get a fast and accurate quote there are a few things to consider:
    • How many console positions will you need in your PSAP?
    • What is the size of the room you plan to build your control room in? Or the size of your current control room/command center?
    • How many monitors will you need to install per dispatch workstation? Will they all be the same?
    • Are your technology needs large or small?
    • Also consider what additional furniture or features are desired like personal storage, training tables, or environment controls.

How do I find my rep?

    • We are happy to connect you with the rep in your region. Contact our team and we'll help get the conversation started. 

    Can I purchase on contract?

      • Yes we are on several state and local purchasing agreements. The full list can be found here.

      How long does the process take?

        • We work towards your desired completion date. This can mean as little as three months, but typical time frames are longer and are dependent on revisions. Here are the steps to expect in the process:
          • Site Survey by rep 
          • Planning and design phase
          • Quote phase
          • Final Sign off 
          • PO Received 
          • Manufacturing
          • Product Delivery
          • Install


        How do I plan for my install date?

          • The installation date is requested at the time of final sign-off. At the time of your order confirmation, your install date will also be confirmed.
          • Prior to every project, a pre-installation kick-off meeting will be scheduled to address the unique needs of your project. Your installation manager, rep, and account manager will be in attendance.

          How long will the installation take?

            • This is dependent on how many positions are involved and if it is a live cut-over. 

            What do I need to have ready?

              • For an empty room install - flooring, ceiling, painting and power should be complete.
              • For a live cut-over - all of the electronics and wiring need to be removed from existing positions. 

              Will my center be operational while you install the dispatch furniture?

                • Yes, we have done thousands of installations with no interruption to operations. Noise and disruption are minimal, and our team works with you to ensure your team is comfortable and functional while we complete your project. 

                CUSTOMER SUPPORT

                Who do I contact if I need help after installation?

                  How do I reset my console?

                    • Using the height adjustability button, take the console all the way down, and hold it for ten seconds. It should reset. 

                    I have an error code on my console what does it mean?

                      • Here is a guide to LINAK troubleshooting and error codes. 

                      Do you install status lights on our consoles?

                        • We install the lights but your local team should plan on connecting your status lights to your radio or phone system. Here are instructions for the wiring connections. 

                        What cleaning products will best sanitize a console?

                          • Here is a cleaning guide for all Watson surface materials. 

                          How do I use the console wellness switch?

                            • Here are instructions to maximize the use of your wellness switch.

                            I don't see my question here.

                              • Check out our support site for additional service information.