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Emergency dispatchers around the country rely on Watson Consoles. Designed to be incredibly durable, our professionally tested and certified consoles stand up to the challenges of 24/7 environments, providing maximum comfort and personalized controls that keep your team operating at peak performance.


Commercial grade, residential appeal

Every component used in the design of Watson Consoles was selected to create a console as resilient as the people who use it. A welded steel frame and best-in-class engineered wood meet the most rigorous standards for strength and performance. Our selection of finishes ensures that durability doesn't mean sacrificing design, resulting in consoles that create a highly functional center with a pleasing aesthetic.

Problem Solved

Room lighting and temperature is an individual preference but can become a group problem. With the built-in environment controls on a Mercury Pro, or the optional environmental system on a Base or a Standard, every team member can fine-tune their work environment to suit them perfectly.


Everything in reach

The ergonomic features of Mercury Consoles are selected to optimize operator performance and placed to ensure ease-of-use. Height adjustability and environment controls are adjusted at the touch of a button, mobile devices can be charged at the workstation, and task lighting can be moved to perfectly suit the user. Monitor and worksurface controls are embedded in the worksurface rather than placed atop to ensure ADA accessibility.


Idea Starters

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