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911 dispatchers and communications center managers tune in to our blog feed for project profiles, tips from industry pros and the latest information on dispatch console workstations. Here are the top five blogs of 2018. Catch up when you have a few minutes of down-time.


1) The Best Comm Center Leaders are Great at Prioritizing This One Thing

Martha and Jim each have a very different impact on their center. If you recognize yourself in the description of the second supervisor, Jim, don’t worry. There is hope. Begin today practicing the following five improvement techniques, and watch your effectiveness as a supervisor take a turn for the better.


2) This Leadership Approach may be Sabotaging Your Center's Success

Despite knowing her work was meaningful, Lisa couldn’t shake the feeling she could be doing more with her life. Frequent overtime could’ve been a factor, but she and her family appreciated the larger paycheck. Her coworkers were sometimes a challenge to deal with, but, for the most part, she got along with everyone. Another consideration dawned on her. 

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3) Tough Enough to be a 911 Dispatcher (poster)

Each year when we visit association sponsored conferences, our team has the privilege of hearing stories from dispatchers and other first responder teams. We were reminded how passionate, proud and strong your teams are. This poster captures The Dispatcher Creed

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4) How Public Safety Professionals Can Stop Overthinking and Do More of What They Want

When your life is defined by how much you do for the world—the difference you make to those around you—it feels counter-intuitive to hit the PAUSE button. But what if a simple pause held more happiness and an increased ability to care for the world?


5) Get Your 2018 Collectible 911 Dispatcher Badge

Each year we create an event badge for the PSAP teams we have come to know and respect. It's our way of saying thank you for sharing your experiences and helping us create the best dispatch furniture in the industry. Click to learn where you can find the 2018 collectible badge.


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