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Events Apr 23, 2018

Each year we create an event badge for the PSAP teams we have come to know and respect. It's our way of saying thank you for sharing your experiences and helping us create the best dispatch furniture in the industry. How do you get the 2018 collectible badge? Read on...

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This is how the 911 Dispatcher Badge started

In 2013 Watson launched the mobile showroom, taking a Mercury Console to PSAPs nationwide.


We commemorated the first tour with an event pass, much like the VIP passes you see at concerts. That VIP pass inspired the first annual 911 Dispatcher Badge, shared at select national conferences in 2015.

We intended to offer them just the one time as a thank you to customers visiting the Watson team and were somewhat surprise by the response. A Communications Supervisor shared with us,

As cheesy as it may sound, the badges are inspirational. It gives my team a way to share their pride for what we do. I really appreciate the thought you put into these.


Since that time, we have seen the VIP badges attached to backpacks, bags, and turned into key fobs. We are thrilled to connect with the dispatcher community in this way and we plan to offer a limited run each year.

How do you get your badge?

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We'll be at these national events:

Navigator 2018 - April 24-26 - Las Vegas, NV

Visit the Navigator homepage for more information.

NENA 2018 - June 16-21 - Nashville, TN

Visit the NENA association website to learn more.

APCO 2018 - August 5-8, Las Vegas, NV

View the APCO program schedule.

Our team of regional reps will also be at State APCO and NENA shows near you. Be on the lookout! These are a limited run and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to round up your team and stop by.

Other opportunities to connect

If you haven't already, join our community on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We share:

  • Event announcements (including chances to get that badge)
  • Advice from industry partners including The Healthy Dispatcher, Adam Timm
  • Chances to win Watson Consoles gear
  • Opportunities to weigh-in on emerging PSAP trends
  • Good news from the PSAP community
  • and more

And, if you happen to be in our neighborhood - Poulsbo, WA - we'll happily give you a tour of our manufacturing headquarters. (Best time to visit is July through September when you can also enjoy a walk in the sunshine on our Orchard trail.)


Reach out by phone 360.394.1300, or use our website contact form.

We'll see you on the road!

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