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Your manufacturer should provide detailed print or video media to help your teams fully utilize their new technology furniture assets. Take a minute to learn about the great user features built into our Mercury consoles.

This training video covers the following topics:

  • Height Adjustment & Ergonomic Controls
  • Environmental Controls
  • Wellness Switch

Mercury's patented ergonomic system provides personalized fit using three types of adjustability: work surface height, monitor array height, and monitor focal distance control. For work service height adjustment, use the up and down arrows on the mounted keypad to select a comfortable standing, perching, or sitting height between 22 to 48". Choosing the perfect monitor array height is equally as simple. Use the keypad arrows to raise or lower the array within a 12" range of travel. Ergonomic guidelines recommend positioning the top of the monitor at eye level, so that the line-of-sight is straight forward or downward cast up to 15 degrees.

To increase your focal distance from the monitors, disengage Mercury's dual brake system found under the work surface by drawing back the paddles and gliding the surface to any position within a 12" range. Releasing the paddles locks the surface at the desired location. Your entire work surface and work tools will move with you.

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Everything a dispatcher needs to remain productive, organized, and comfortable is within arms' reach on Mercury's dashboard. Energy-conscious LED lighting, cooling fans, and forced-air heating are all controlled from the dashboard using Mercury's simple and intuitive environment controls. Non-glare LED reading lights are centrally located and highly flexible to illuminate equipment and paperwork. Switch control is either on or off. Ambient LED lighting is positioned behind the monitor array towards the rear of the console. This location provides ideal lighting for everyday use. Forced-air heating is directed from the underside of the work surface towards the dispatcher's knees and feet. Low-voltage cooling fans use adjustable vents on the dashboard to position airflow where the user desires. Choose either Off, Low, or High setting. Mercury's environment control panel also provides a master power On/Off switch to quickly and fully power down all controls when the console is no longer in use. Upon powering back up, all settings will be remembered.

The Mercury Wellness Switch has a number of built-in features, including: calorie tracking, reporting, and programmable intervals. To count calories burned and minutes standing, use the CalMin button. Press the button once to count the total calories burned while standing. Press the button twice to track your total standing time in minutes since the last reset. Press and hold the CalMin button for five seconds to reset calorie count and stand time to zero. Hold the CalMin and Set button together for five seconds to input your individual weight using the up and down arrows. The Wellness Switch weight default is set to 175 pounds.


Press the Report button once to display total number of sit to stand adjustment cycles. Press the Report button twice to display the number of all work surface activations since the last reset. Press and hold the Report button for five seconds to reset Reports One and Two to zero. The Alarm button is used to prompt you to stand up and change positions. The display will flash when a position change is programmed. No audible alarm is heard. Press the Alarm button once to view the current adjustment cycle in minutes. Press and hold the Alarm button for three seconds to customize your sit to stand interval. Pressing the up and down keys will scroll through different alert times in 15 minute intervals from Off to 120 minutes. The default is 45 minutes. If an error code is ever displayed, simply reset to the factory default by holding the CalMin and Report buttons together for five seconds.

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