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For over 35 years, Watson has been designing and building dispatch center products specifically for 24/7 environments. Working side by side with our forward thinking customers has deeply influenced our manufacturing and product development philosophy. M


What does ‘Future-Proof’ mean?

At the highest level, the concept of future-proofing is to design a product in such a way that it is unlikely to become obsolete. In reality, very few, if any products are truly future-proof; however, a manufacturer’s commitment to the principles of future-proofing can drastically extend the life of a given product. The factors for determining the usable life vary from product to product and depend in large part to external factors.

For over 35 years, Watson has been designing and building dispatch center products specifically for 24/7 environments. Working side by side with our forward thinking customers has deeply influenced our manufacturing and product development philosophy. Most importantly, it has imbued our entire organization with a crystal clear understanding of how and why our products must be engineered for decades of performance. As a result, our definition of future proof extends beyond conventional measures of quality to encompass the entire product lifecycle from specification to replacement.


There are 4 main variables that determine the longevity of emergency dispatch consoles:

  • Material Performance – How well does each material perform its specific function? For a given component, this requires clearly defining the optimal strength and performance characteristics for infinite use.
  • Quality of Engineering & Construction – How are the materials assembled and to what level of specification? In many cases, the way materials are constructed can have a greater impact on the product lifetime than the materials themselves. For insight into Watson Dispatch's core design philosophy, check out our commercial division's blog, Design Thinking for Quality.
  • Human Factor Consideration – How well does the product support foreseeable human factor changes? These changes include evolving ergonomic standards, work styles, or preferences for different users over time. Comprehensive console systems address ergonomics and comfort controls. Learn more about the value of environmental controls from our previously published blog, Best Heating and Cooling Options for Dispatch Consoles
  • Technology Management – How does the platform support changes in technology over time? Technology evolves at a much faster rate than any other factor and usually determines a console’s relevance long before materials begin to degrade.
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Emergency Dispatch Consoles You Can Trust

Every one of our products has been designed for a minimum of 20 years of performance. By designing and building our products from raw materials, we avoid making tradeoffs based on third-party capabilities and maintain control over quality at every step of the manufacturing process. The result is a range of products that will stand up to the test of time.


The right materials for the job

Our factory is organized into two specialized work centers; a steel shop and a wood shop. Mastering the art of steel fabrication and wood core panel assembly enables us to objectively evaluate which material suits a given application. Many manufacturers are limited to one core competency and are forced to substitute materials in inappropriate places.

Experience has taught us that using a steel frame with wood core surfaces affords the optimal balance of strength with user comfort. Wood panel doors and cases eliminate the clang of metal components and add a familiar aesthetic to high stress work environments. In over 3500 installations we haven’t had a single structural failure due to our wood core components. Read more about the advantages of wood and steel.

Design and built to last (forever)

Co-locating our product development and production facilities allows us to rigorously test new product concepts and alternative construction methods. As a result, we have developed an expertise in combining the aforementioned materials using metal-to-metal connections with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

All our products include a standard Lifetime Warranty. Manufacturing every detail affords us the complete confidence that our emergency dispatch consoles will outlast the most demanding environments and that if there ever is an issue, we will be able to fix it years down the road.

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Technologically advanced

As part of our latest product development cycle, our design team took stock of the past, current and future state of technology in PSAP environments. This included developing a deep understanding of the types, quantities and uses for every user interface and processor.

Since that launch we have observed several changes in cutting edge technology and our products have kept pace at every turn. Technology access and future flexibility are paramount to our design considerations and for that reason we include modular technology storage that can be updated when needed without purchasing entirely new emergency dispatch consoles.

Before making a major investment in a new console purchase, it pays to develop a clear understanding of what future-proofing looks like to your organization. While material considerations are important, they are only one part of determining the product longevity. Our experience has taught us the importance of holistic design when it comes to emergency dispatch consoles and we look forward to sharing our competency with you.

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