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Learn about how your dispatch consoles can answer present and future needs of your center, easing the IT burden, and protecting your mission critical systems.


In mission critical services, the seamless operation of multiple input devices, both hardware and software, is paramount. The wiring and cabling interconnecting dispatch technology keeps everything functioning smoothly. Unfortunately, cable management is often an afterthought, adding wires as needed instead of creating a space that prepares your center for future needs. Cable management plays a crucial role in designing dispatch centers, and the right dispatch console can ease the IT burden, protecting the systems in your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Dispatch Center Cable Needs

As technology continues to evolve and aid in public safety, the number of data cables and connection points within PSAP centers continues to grow. Without careful consideration of the issues associated with this increasing cabling volume, the complexity of these systems only escalates.

Cable management is essential in any office setting, but the dispatch center's cable management demands finesse not typically found in a traditional office environment. There are three reasons for the importance of cable management in supporting your center and your team:

1. Liability of the Mission Critical System: Proper cable management is imperative to maintain the working integrity of the system as a whole. Access and simplicity aid IT in ensuring that your center stays online and available to support your community.

2. The Number of Cables: A single dispatcher's desk requires many cables to function, not to mention the complexity of an entire center filled with desks, screens, lighting, heating, air conditioning, and more. Finding a solution to manage all these cables, keep them out of sight, and ensure easy access for regular maintenance, which otherwise is a significant challenge.

3. Improved Working Environment: Research conducted through a Harvard study suggests that a clean workspace promotes better focus and decreases stress, two essential qualities for high-functioning telecommunicators. Reducing the number of visible cables throughout a console makes it easier to keep your workspace clean.

Prepare for Present and Future Needs

When purchasing or retrofitting a dispatch console, cable management and data management are key considerations. Forward-thinking planning can create a system for easy troubleshooting, reduced downtime, and better performance.

Our advice for your center is to understand your technology needs today and purchase a system that offers flexibility for tomorrow. Technological innovations will undoubtedly require more cables, storage, processing power, monitors, radios, and more. Look for solutions and vendors that offer to meet your unique needs. Preparing for these changes now will allow you to adapt to new technology seamlessly.

Space planning and thoughtful dispatch furniture selection are essential to meet the unique cable management needs of dispatch centers. A solution that allows for smart integration into the building and individual dispatcher workstations is crucial.

Our Solution to Cable Management

"Mercury cable management was the best, very clean and nice looking. There is no more stretching, bending, or snagging of cables. It has made a huge difference." - IT Manager, Weber Area Dispatch 911

Watson's Mercury Consoles offer integrated solutions to overcome the cable management challenges historically faced by dispatch centers. Our professionals work directly with agencies to customize consoles to their unique requirements. Each design takes into consideration technological needs and user features (like wireless charging) that enhance productivity and comfort, ensuring that your dispatch center is equipped for the challenges of today and prepared for the innovations of tomorrow. Contact our team to learn more about how we can partner with your dispatch center to find the solution that fits your unique needs.

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