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Create an environment that enhances and empowers the well-being of the dispatcher by incorporating these five key features when renovating your 911 dispatch center.

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Consoles Created to Support Your Team

The demanding nature of a dispatcher requires a supportive environment to ensure peak performance. We will delve into the key features that are closely tied to the performance, comfort, and efficiency to look for in your next dispatch console. By incorporating these five features when you renovate your center, your new consoles can create an environment that enhances and empowers the well-being of your 911 dispatchers.

Height Adjustability

Long hours at a dispatch console can take a toll on your body, which is why ergonomics are crucial to health and performance. Adjustable-height consoles offer a practical solution. Providing dispatchers the ability to customize their console and their screen's height caters to preferences and promotes healthier posture that fits the unique needs of the individual. This adaptability leads to reduced strain, improved focus, and ultimately enhanced efficiency during critical operations. Watson Mercury Standard and Pro Consoles allow for sit-to-stand desk adjustability and adjustable monitor focal depth.

Environmental Controls

Creating a comfortable environment is vital for both your performance and your mental health, and a primary goal when renovating. Temperature control becomes an ally in this journey. A controlled temperature in your station can help decrease stress, allowing focus on tasks and self-care throughout handling tough calls. With each dispatcher having different comfort levels with temperature, heating and air conditioning at each console creates give the dispatcher power over their environment.

Adjustable Lighting

Harsh fluorescent lighting and prolonged screen exposure can lead to discomfort and reduced concentration. Equipping your dispatch consoles with adjustable lighting options empowers your team to tailor their workspace illumination. This enhancement not only minimizes eye strain but also contributes to sustained attention and optimal performance. The Mercury Pro’s ambient and task lighting features allow the dispatcher to adjust lighting in multiple areas of the console, giving them control over their workspace.


Storage Solutions

Efficiency is the backbone of your dispatch center's success, and creating an organized workspace contributes to achieving it. Consoles should provide purposeful storage solutions, ensuring that personal items and necessities are conveniently accessible. Integrated compartments, cabinets, and other additional features like cup holders, all keep the workspace clutter-free, minimizing distractions and enabling your dispatchers to stay focused on their critical tasks. Watson provides many different integrated storage options to increase the utility of your center without adding to the footprint.

Cable Management

It can feel like there is an endless number of cables used between monitors, power cables, phone chargers, and anything else you add to your console. Cable management systems, power inputs, and dedicated storage for the hardware that powers your work should all be designed to simplify your space and allow you to focus on what truly matters. Thoughtful systems make an IT manager’s job easier, creating a better experience as you renovate and work in your dispatch center. 

Simplify Your Dispatch Center Renovation Process

Investing in 911 dispatch consoles equipped with height adjustability, environmental controls, adjustable lighting, storage solutions, and cable management features, empowers dispatchers to excel in their critical responsibilities. As you look at renovating your center, set yourself up for success by downloading our Buyer’s Checklist as you search for a console that fits your team’s needs.

Buyer's Checklist

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