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Every year, our consoles team spends months preparing for premier public safety conferences hosted by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO).

We wanted to share a behind-the-booth look at what’s new and exciting, so we sat down with Senior Design Engineer Sil Barajas and National Sales Manager Arthur Thomas to discuss the approach the team at Watson took in designing this year’s exhibit hall booth. 

Q: What can people expect at this year's display for the NENA and APCO conferences?

Sil: This year, we aimed to showcase the flexibility of our furniture applications by building four separate workspaces in a 10x20-foot booth. Taking center stage are the Mercury Pro and Corner Consoles along with our Team Table, Work Island, and integrated storage options that maximize the control room footprint. This allows us to demonstrate the versatility of our offerings within the booth's size constraints.

Not only that, but we have added several of our new enhancements to the consoles that improve the telecommunicator’s workspace, including:

  • Motion-activated lighting throughout cabinets and hubs
  • Monitor shroud
  • Dual cupholder
  • Pencil drawer
  • Markerboard surface

Arthur: We also wanted to feature our multiuse furniture that supports collaborative work, like the Team Table. The shared space is important for training purposes, because a supervisor can sit down with a new telecommunicator and take calls with them. The ability to train new dispatchers side-by-side is key.


Q: How does the booth design cater to the needs of emergency telecommunicators, particularly in terms of comfort and functionality?

Sil: For the Mercury Console, we've included features like undersurface lights and wireless charging for cell phones at each position, as well as ambient lighting above and below the surface. These additions are designed to create a warm and comfortable environment, essential for dispatchers who often work long and intense shifts.

Arthur: Additionally, our wide range of finish options allow centers to create more visually pleasing themes and match furniture, accessories, and work tools to complement the existing environment. This year, we feature the whiteboard surface for the collaborative multiuse space—people can write notes and illustrate ideas during team huddles—it’s this attention to detail that sets Watson apart from the competition. We’re constantly improving our offerings to better enhance user experience.

Q: What sets Watson's showroom design apart from competitors in the industry?

Sil: One of the key differences is our focus on showcasing standalone, modular options like the Work Island. It offers team huddle space with undersurface storage and adds a new dimension to our display. This emphasizes our commitment to building comprehensive and adaptable solutions that serve the entire center.


Q: What are the key takeaways you hope attendees have after experiencing our new booth display?

Sil: We want to convey the thought and intent behind our designs, particularly our focus on creating environments that are warm, comfortable, and conducive to the demanding nature of emergency communications. We hope they see that we're not just selling furniture but offering solutions that make a real difference in their everyday lives.

Arthur: Ultimately, we want ECCs to consider us a partner – we’re here to support their work and listen to the problems they need solved. We can tailor our consoles, storage systems, and office furniture to enhance workplace efficiency and improve overall wellbeing and comfort.

This is where Watson really shines – our service and commitment to customer experience is unmatched.

We hope to see you in Orlando for both events: NENA, June 30-July 1, booth 1105; and APCO, Aug 5-6, booth 1013.

In the meantime, check out the console builder to start designing your next console.

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