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Learn about the role of consoles in telecommunicators' health and wellness with three center considerations to increase support.


Telecommunicators face physically and mentally demanding tasks. The value of supporting their health and comfort cannot be overstated. Emergency Communications Center furniture and workplace design play an important role in creating an intentional space conducive to the work at hand.

Three important furniture considerations to better support your team are center furniture layout, health and comfort features, and training for the correct use of equipment. 

Thoughtful Workplace Layouts

Design matters, especially when it comes to promoting open traffic flow and unimpeded sightlines between team members. Our inline consoles are crafted with precision to create more space, facilitating better communication and teamwork. A well-thought-out layout not only enhances engagement but also provides the necessary support for dispatchers requiring assistance.


Prioritizing Health and Comfort

As an organization, prioritizing the health, comfort, and task focus of telecommunicators should be at the forefront of decision-making. Look for furniture and features that support operator satisfaction and retention goals. Research shows that overall employee satisfaction with the physical work environment was significantly related to center retention rate and individual productivity increases by 25% when employees use an ergonomically designed workstation. These findings are explored in our Human Factors & Movement in 911 PSAP Environments white paper. When investing in workstations, chairs, and other equipment, prioritize elements that contribute to the overall well-being of your team.

Empowering Operators

Education and training are important for success. Empower your operators with knowledge on the correct use of tools and equipment, as well as strategies to prevent and detect early signs of injuries, like musculoskeletal injuries that can come from posture issues. Teaching telecommunicators to use height adjustability features to shift postures throughout the day addresses common health challenges such as joint health and weight regulation, ensuring long-term well-being and satisfaction among dispatchers. This not only ensures that employees maximize the benefits of specialized workstations but also creates a culture where hazards are reported before injuries occur, contributing to a safer and more productive work environment.

“This is their [the dispatchers'] second home. They are at their consoles for 12-hour shifts. Being able to make the environment work for them is important. They need to be able to make it comfortable and useful on a personal level.”

- Kevin Rose, Operations Manager

The Console’s role in Telecommunicator Health

At Watson, we recognize the vital role ECCs play in public safety. Our commitment is to provide not just desks but complete ergonomic solutions that contribute to the health and comfort of your emergency communications center. When it comes to making a difference in emergency communication, you can rely on Watson.

Use our console builder to explore our options and features that can support your team’s health and focus.


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