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Emergency Dispatchers often face unique, taxing challenges that most of us can never fully comprehend. These professionals balance and navigate mental, physical and logistical problems while providing a necessary service for communities around the world. Communicating the nuances of the job is no easy task. Still, these podcasts make great strides in educating the public, fostering understanding and providing a source of community for dispatchers and other first responders. We found that the following podcasts were a wealth of valuable information and worth sharing with our own community:


911 Strong

The 911Strong Podcast is hosted by Kristen, a Dispatcher and Police wife, and Aram, a Police Sergeant. This duo engages in stimulating conversation concerning resources for first responders, current events, and more. Both hosts are public servants by day and social media influencers by night and are passionate about faith, family and freedom.

Website: 911 Strong 

Suggested Episode: 3 Things You Should Do After Shift 

We loved how this episode gave practical advice on ways to unplug after a shift while validating the difficulties industry professionals face every day.

We Speak Dispatch

We Speak Dispatch is a group of 911 professionals who discuss topics from the headlines, talk through listener requests, and interview guests from various sectors of the dispatch industry. They aim to foster communication, understanding and to be a positive resource for all dispatchers. Plus, their easily digestible episodes are 10-25 minutes long making them perfect for commutes or breaks throughout the day.

Website: We Speak Dispatch 

Suggested Episode: Life & Times In A Small 911 Center 

We really enjoyed hearing about the practical concerns small emergency centers face, from staffing to response times and consoles.

Emergency In Progress

Emergency in Progress is a podcast centered around all things 911. Whether you’re a veteran employee within the field or a curious citizen; all are welcome to this community. They aim to educate and entertain their listeners with a light tone.

Website: Emergency In Progress 

Suggested Episode: The Day In The Life Of The Dispatcher 

The hosts discuss the practical reality of what being a dispatcher is like day-to-day, warts and all. We loved their transparency and how these conversations can help dispatchers feel seen while educating the general public about the job.


EMS1 is one of the leading online resources for the EMS community. Their podcast is one of the many ways they provide important information to paramedics, EMTs, EMS administrators, and more.

Each week, EMS1 Podcast Hosts Chris Cebollero, Kelly Grayson and Rob Lawrence analyze industry news and issues impacting EMTs, paramedics and EMS leadership. Their guests provide expert perspectives and insights on topics, trends, and other important industry news.

Website: EMS1

Suggested Episode: Empowering Female First Responders 

The founders of the Women in Emergency Services Association (WiES) discuss their mission, as well as the role of empowerment, networking, mentorship and education for Women in Emergency Services.

Public Safety First 

The “Public Safety First” podcast gives first responders and other public safety professionals the opportunity to join the discussion about FirstNet, America’s first nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. The podcast is hosted by Dave Buchanan, Director of the First Responder Network Authority’s Advocacy Team, and it features guests that are first responders, industry leaders and other experts in the field.

Website: Public Safety First 

Suggested Episode: Connecting the Community: Bringing Broadband to Rural Pennsylvania 

We found this to be an excellent episode that addresses the issues rural and small public safety centers face around connectivity, infrastructure and more.

Call to Service 

5.11’s podcast Call to Service informs the public about safety professionals through guest interviews spanning various assignments and backgrounds, industry leaders and more. Their mission is to serve as a platform for sharing information.

Website: Call to Service 

Suggested Episode: Special 100th Episode Edition

It can be hard to start a new podcast - especially one that's been running for such a long time. That’s why this episode recapping the first 100 episodes with highlights is a perfect way to get caught up.

Let's Talk Dispatch

From The Raspy Dispatcher, an organization focused on providing resources for aspiring dispatchers, comes 'Let's Talk Dispatch,' a podcast hosted by Ashley Valenzuela dedicated to empowering, and supporting the heroes behind the headset. Ashley is a 911 dispatcher in California and the creator of the Raspy Dispatcher LLC. The range of discussion, down to earth nature of the show, and the assertion that no topic is off limits, means each episode is full of new and easy to digest information.

Website: Let's Talk Dispatch

Suggested Episode(s): Must-Listen Playlist

The team at Let's Talk Dispatch have compiled a list of 'must-listen episodes,' and we agree wholeheartedly with their selections! 

Within The Trenches

Sharing honest accounts and stories is important for individuals to feel heard, represented, and validated, which is why Within The Trenches stuck out to us as a podcast dispatchers could benefit from. With almost 500 episodes under its belt, there's no shortage of wisdom you can glean.

Website: Within The Trenches Podcast

Suggested Episode(s): Listen Here

We honestly couldn't choose because each of these episodes and guests deserve your time - so you may want to start queuing these up for your commute. 

On Scene First with Tracy Eldridge

On Scene First is a "hub for public safety education, training, and support in the areas of technology, mental health, tips, and tricks." Their podcast is hosted by On Scene First founder Tracy Eldridge who describes herself as "a recovering PSAP director with over 25 years in the industry." Through interviews, insights, and honest discussion, she focuses on educating public safety professionals on must-have technology tools and mental health resources with an aim to help save lives on both sides of the call.

Website: On Scene First

Suggested Episode: Episode 38 with A.K Dozanti

First Responder Wellness Coach & Specialist, and Founder of Life Saver Wellness, A.K Dozanti, and host Tracy Elridge connected first on Tik Tok, and come together in this episode to have an incredibly nuanced and engaging discussion about mental health and wellness.

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