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The energy expended during physical activities, other than intentional sporting-like exercise, is called NEAT. NEAT movements can boost calorie burn, increase muscular-skeletal health, and reduce stress. And, yes, chewing gum is one qualifying NEAT activity. That said, learn about more effective NEAT strategies you can incorporate into your day.


Why is NEAT critical for 911 dispatcher health?

High stress and long hours have become the norm. As many as eight out of ten 911 dispatchers will suffer from compassion fatigue at some point in their career. Recovering from stressful calls can be difficult and if you are physically run-down it can be even more difficult.

Unfortunately, mission critical dispatch environments compound potential health problems. When you are sitting for the majority of your day your body can be negatively impacted:

Maintaining a healthy body supports emotional resilience. And emotional resilience is a key to a fulfilling career in 911 dispatch.

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