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A state-of-the-art Center: Northwestern University

Mercury is a natural fit for Northwestern University's state of the art Dispatch & Communications center. This compact center was designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest in PSAP technology including fully adjustable Mercury Dispatch consoles.


Mercury's unique planning logic allows every Dispatcher full view of the video monitor wall while providing comfortable visual and acoustic privacy between consoles. The expansive worksurface accommodates multiple keyboards/mice and still has room for reference materials as well as pen and paper. The smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning between shifts.


Every workstation is equipped with CPU cabinets designed to draw in cooler air and exhaust the heated cabinet air with temperature activated exhaust fans. Each console features personal Environmental controls for the Dispatchers comfort. The easy to reach control panel allows the Dispatcher to control and adjust task lighting, ambient lighting, forced air heating and fresh air circulation. Each console accommodates seated to standing positions for a wide array of postures throughout a long shift.


All console materials and components are carefully chosen and tested to endure constant operation in an intensive use Dispatch environment. Mercury is built specifically for 24/7, technology laden environments.