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Our dispatch console furniture is designed in consultation with customers like you, so we know what it takes to keep a center humming over the long haul. This series of Mercury feature enhancements increases function and improves the user experience for primary user groups including the 911 dispatch operator, IT professional and facility manager.

Mercury improvements

Watson is committed to improving the user experience

Our product and design teams regularly asses the function of our console work stations in the PSAP setting. They ask users "what's do you love?" and "what can use some finesse?". The practice of tracking customer satisfaction is one way Watson Consoles' teams practice continuous improvement.

In recent blogs, you learned how Sil B. improved a monitor array system to be the most functional in the industry. And we shared how Nicole L. took initiative to change to a part that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, thereby improving the experiences of a manufacturing team, shipping department, and the users of our products. Improvements to work station design can be large or small; no detail is too small to examine.

We take great pride in our work and the ability to seek opportunity and affect change. Our recent series of updates delivers more options and enhanced features inspired by mission critical operators in the field.

Updates to Mercury console workstations

Feedback from dispatchers, IT pros and technology vendors informed the recent series of product enhancements.

1) Slat-Rail Monitor System

An extruded aluminum Slat-Rail Monitor System holds Independently Adjustable Monitor Arms and work tools. Most monitor solutions offer one form of adjustment. This solution offers two - the user is able to raise and lower all of the monitors at the same time, or each one independently. This ensures operators achieve optimal comfort and focus. The new monitor arm options also provide a solution for positioning touchcreens.

monitor array

In addition, the slat-rail array holds accessories including Status Indicators, small-format PCs, task lighting and file trays.

2) Contoured Surface

Operators appreciate the look and feel of the new softened approach. The contour gives the operator a slight reach-zone increase.

iMercuryPrd-023_FeatureUpdates_ContouredDesk 2

3) Flush-Mount Height-Adjustment Control

The Height-Adjustment Control is within ADA reach and eliminates interference with chair arms. One-touch control makes raising and lowering the workstation easy. The lifting columns move quietly for non-disruptive quick adjustment.

iMercuryPrd-023_FeatureUpdates_Buttons (1)

4) Extending Tech Shelf

To ease access to PCs housed in Technology Cabinets that are planned against the wall, specify the 20” Extending Tech Shelf. The heavy-duty rails support conventional PCs and ancillary equipment. There is space at the back and below the shelf for concealed and protected cable management.


5) Tech Bridge + High Capacity Cable Bridge

For lighter technology applications the Tech Bridge provides space saving, under-surface stowage for PCs. You can store up to five mid-tower PCs in the widest Mercury unit. Channels mounted on the rear Bridge wall keep cables secure and neat.

iMercuryPrd-023_FeatureUpdates_TechCabinet (1)

When using full-sized PCs and additional equipment that requires stowage at the workstation, choose Tech Cabinets in conjunction with the High Capacity Cable Bridge. The increased Cable Bridge capacity provides ample room for power, video, and additional cabling. Channels allow IT teams to separate power and video to reduce signal interference.

Additional updates

Small adjustments to existing features boost comfort and focus for dispatchers.

  • A soft, neutral glow of the ambient light reduces glare by providing a pool of light below the monitors.
  • Dimmable task lights enhance user work zone focus, and dim red at the lowest setting.
  • A single, low-watt heater is placed under the surface and away from the knee box to deliver warmth to the user's body core.
  • Upper screen panels may be optioned with clear or smokey acrylic to open sight lines or provide increased light filtering to the operator.
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