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More than 10,000 visits by Comm Center managers, IT managers, and 911 telecommunicators have landed these blogs on the top 5 for 2017. If you haven't had the chance yet, give them a read.


1) The Power of Resilience: How to Thrive as a 911 Dispatcher

Why do some people thrive in the midst of daily challenges while others get taken out? Why can some people tolerate a tremendous amount of stress and others get sick? Resilience. Research has shown that dispatchers who are resilient feel more in control of their work and lives in general, use less sick time and are happier.


2) Tough Enough to be a 911 Dispatcher

Dispatcher's are burdened by emotional stress on a regular basis. We've had the privilege of hearing stories from dispatchers and other first responder teams. We were again reminded how passionate, proud and strong your teams are.



3) How the Best Comm Centers Motivate Their Front-Line Employees

PSAPs all over the country are experiencing similar challenges. Low staffing. High turnover. Mandatory overtime. Low morale. And it’s not only because they don’t have money to spend. Some centers offer starting pay above $80,000 per year and still can’t solve these problems. The best comm centers, however, have cracked the code. Using a combination of tools and approaches, exemplary center managers have made their comm centers places where people want to work.


4) Positive, Not Pollyanna: 5 Keys for Happiness in your PSAP Career

As a heroic caregiver to the world, it’s easy to put others' needs first. This “putting others first” is a hallmark of 9-1-1 superheroes, who are committed to helping others both on and off the job. In many cases, however, this wonderful quality can stretch thin the most resilient caregiver. Identifying the hallmarks of happiness and prioritizing your own today can make it easier to weather the ups and downs without turning into Negative Nelly.


5) Compassion Fatigue and 911 Dispatchers

Compassion fatigue affects as many as eight out of ten 911 dispatchers. Repeated exposure to second hand trauma while fielding emergency calls can take a toll on mental, emotional, and physical health.


Dispatch Superhero Stretches

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