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Winter is nearly upon us. Did you know that as many as 4 of 6 people experience the effects of "winter blues"? For 911 dispatchers dealing with high-stress calls, the added strain of dreary skies can take a toll. Here are some tips and resources for battling the darker days of winter.

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6 Easy PSAP Energy Boosters

6 Steps for Busting Winter Blues

Headquartered near Seattle, WA, the Watson Consoles team is all too familiar with grey skies and the affect they can have on mood. Here are six tips we've gathered as our go-to energy boosters. What we like most about the list is that each item is easy to incorporate throughout the day and week.

  1. Tune in and turn it up. Music is a reliable mood influencer. Sooth your soul with your favorite jam.
  2. Smell the roses. Scientists report that scents including vanilla, mint, and lavender help reduce agitation. (For more on the power of scent and how to incorporate it in your PSAP read Learn how Scents Impact Employee Well-being.)
  3. Express thanks. Gratitude promotes good sleep, and reduces anxiety and feelings of aggression.
  4. Keep moving. Make use of your desk adjustment feature. Short spurts of activity, including standing while you work, has proven to positively impact mental health and general whole-body wellness.
  5. A few minutes in the sunshine will give you an extra boost of vitamin D - much needed during winter months when low D levels can contribute to feelings of anxiety and sadness.
  6. Make time for friends. Sharing daily experiences and encouragement helps you focus on what matters most.

Beyond these basic tweaks in your day, the folks at Real Simple have shared 8 scientifically-backed ways to beat the winter blues - two of these are on our list, too!

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