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Buying 911 dispatch console furniture is a big deal. Most PSAPs receive furniture budget every seven to 10 years. When they do it is likely the staffer leading the charge will not have guided the process before. The depth of information related to police and fire dispatch furniture is vast. Many PSAP teams have shared that they have made purchases in haste and not received ideal solutions for their team. You can change that.


Up the ROI on your 911 dispatch console furniture purchase

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Identify your PSAP furniture need

In part 1 of Shop Wisely, we explored the various work zones found in most public safety answering points. And you were given a few tips for expanding the search so you can find the right information about 911 dispatch console positions, desks and tables.

Which features make your job easier and better?

Part 2 focused on specific features that dispatcher and IT teams often request. You learned what to look out for and which internal stakeholders to survey before you purchase.

Is my purchase really just about the furniture?

We wrapped up with part 3 where we shared benefits that extend beyond the basic 911 dispatch console furniture features - ones worth consider when determining the long-term return on your investment.

Get Your FREE 911 Dispatch Console Furniture Quick-Start Buyer's Guide

In cooperation with PSAP staffers like you, we developed a three stage quick-start buyer's checklist. This will help you initiate your buying journey with confidence.


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