Watson Consoles

Mercury Standard

Functional. Durable. Flexible.

Mercury Standard's Key Features


Worksurface Height Adjustment

Mercury Standard 1

The worksurface can be electronically adjusted from a height of 23.9” to 49.5” using the embedded switch.


High Capacity Monitor Array

Mercury Standard 2

A robust, slat-rail holds adjustable monitor arms. The user is able to adjust each monitor independently. The rail accommodates a variety of configurations, touchscreens and large-format monitors up to 55". Conveniently mount status indicator, task lighting, small format PCs, and work tools


Monitor Cable Management

Mercury Standard 3

End-to-end cable management keeps critical video and power cables in line while the monitor array is adjusted.


Privacy Screens

Mercury Standard 4

Tackable, fabric privacy screens delineate individual consoles and allow for personalization. Optional acrylic toppers reduce noise transmission while maintaining critical sightlines.


Modular Tech Cabinets

Mercury Standard 5

Outboard technology storage can be accessed from two sides, includes robust cable management and an active cooling system for peak computing performance.


Optional Environment Controls

Mercury Standard 6

Heating and cooling is adjusted with a single device which can be positioned anywhere on the worksurface


Steel Frame

Mercury Standard 7

A fusion welded 12 gauge steel frame is guaranteed to last.


Cable or Technology Bridge

Mercury Standard 8

Two options provide customers unique solutions for specific technology and space requirements. The High Capacity Cable Bridge accommodates cabling with dedicated channels for power and low voltage cables reduce the risk of signal interference. The Technology Bridge is a space-saving solution ideal for light technology needs and can house up to 5 small-mid sized PCs.



Mercury Standard 9

Hub cabinets allow for dedicated power and data entry points as well as cable management.


Status Lights

Mercury Standard 10

Status Lights can be mounted to the monitor arrays to signal virtually any activity automatically through radio or phone equipment.

Mercury Standard Feature