Watson Consoles

Mercury Standard

Practical. Reliable. Adaptable.

Base Key Features


Cable Management

Mercury Base 1

The surface mounted shroud is inconspicuous and easy to access, providing end to end cable management. Wires are routed from the monitor arms to the worksurface to the tech hub in a convenient and organized path.


Monitor Arms

Mercury Base 2

Base’s independent monitor arms can be arranged in a multitude of ways to match the needs of the user. Both height and depth can be adjusted to create a comfortable environment that enhances performance.


Tech Bridge

Mercury Base 3

The technology bridge is a space-saving solution ideal for light technology needs and can house up to 5 small-mid sized PC’s. Or option the cable bridge, with dedicated channels for power and low voltage cables.



Mercury Base 4

Hub cabinets allow for dedicated power and data entry points as well as cable management.


Privacy Screens

Mercury Base 5

Tackable fabric privacy screens made with sustainable fabrics delineate individual consoles and allow personalization. Optional acrylic toppers reduce noise pollution while maintaining sightlines.



Mercury Base 6

Steel fixed-height legs provide unmatched support for the worksurface and monitors.

Mercury Base Feature