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A Console Made Intentionally for You

We believe in listening to our customer’s needs and building consoles intentionally designed for the dispatchers using them. For this CENCOM display console, we have implemented custom surface-mounted monitor arms to integrate the touch screens you use everyday. We look for ways to personalize our projects to your unique current needs, and our solutions are ready to adapt to your needs in the future.

Proven Materials

Watson’s use of industry-best materials, expert machining and rigorous quality assurance ensure that your console will support the needs of a 24/7 environment and serve your team for more than a decade.


Strong, durable engineered wood.

Watson uses dimensionally stable engineered wood boards to absorb shock and vibration, helping to diminish sound pollution and making work more comfortable for the individuals at our consoles. The zero-formaldehyde wood creates a healthier environment, with no off-gassing to cause headaches or allergies. These elements actively contribute to an environment that’s warmer, more inviting, and easier to work in.


Adjustable, stable steel and aluminum.

Mercury Consoles have been designed with the knowledge and understanding of the rigors and requirements of the 24/7/365 environment. Our extensive history in building consoles for this market allows us to engineer and source the right materials for the right application. We utilize steel and/or aluminum for all applications where strength and stability are a requirement. We fabricate and build these parts right here in Poulsbo, Washington where we have access to expert machinists and welders.

Comfort First Worksurface

Our ergonomic design keeps everything in arm's reach for the dispatcher, from the full suite of environment controls to the monitor height adjustment. A full suite of environmental controls, including heat, air, ambient, and individually dimmable task lighting, are integrated with the in-dash user interface. Surface-located plug-n-play ports and tech bays houses up to 20 additional technology connections. Worksurface can be electronically adjusted with a 24.6”- 50.8” height range.

Features to increase comfort at the workstation include cup holders, wireless charging, a pencil drawer, and lighting options throughout the console.


A Local Partner You can Trust

Creating highly satisfied customers, one center at a time.

Watson has built a highly responsive service process in which dedicated and experienced personnel nurture clients every step of the way, from original concepts to ongoing post-installation care. Being minutes away, we are uniquely positioned to ensure quick service.

We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all parts manufactured by Watson, with electronics and buy-out parts covered for 10 years. These components include the lift system, environment controls and monitor arms. Additionally, as a gesture of respect for your critical role in our community, we commit to covering all labor and shipping costs associated with any repairs for the entire lifespan of the product.


Poulsbo headquarters - The Orchard

Less than 20 miles from CENCOM, Watson manufacturing occurs at the Orchard, our 34-acre forested headquarters in Poulsbo, WA. The beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest has set the stage for us to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly furniture and consoles. From start to finish, we take pride in the quality, health, and long-term sustainability of our facilities and our products.

We source our materials regionally and are proud to say that 75% of our materials are sourced within the USA, and 32% of those materials are sourced within 500 miles. Local sourcing is an essential aspect of reducing our carbon footprint, as well as supporting our local economy.

Our team

The over 150 people employed in Kitsap County at Watson are proud to support you in every way possible, from designing and building consoles to space planning and installation. Thank you for all you do to support our community.

Learn more about our Lifetime Plus Ten warranty.

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