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For the last 84 years, the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, otherwise known as APCO, has served as an international leader in the public safety industry. Providing complete public safety communication expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy, and outreach to the public, APCO features commercial vendors with innovative products and solutions for Next Gen 9-1-1, cybersecurity, and much more.

Watson Console at APCO

Watson Console’s role at APCO

This multi-day expo offers educational sessions, committee meetings, special events, and exhibits. We at Watson Consoles were one of the wide range of organizations that attended as vendors, showcasing cutting edge consoles for dispatcher stations.

So what is APCO? With over 5,000 attendees, APCO is one of many national and regional conferences where the public safety industry goes to find the most up-to-date solutions. Exhibiting at APCO offers a connection to the decision-makers in multiple areas including:

  • 9-1-1 Communication Centers
  • Public Safety Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Police and Sheriff Departments
  • Campus Police and Security Services
  • Fire Department
  • Consultant Services
  • Emergency Management Services

Watson Consoles at APCO Baltimore 2019


Watson Consoles at APCO Baltimore 2019

Public safety events offer a unique chance for those in the industry to test drive dispatcher consoles, desks, technology, and more. Our team attends national and regional shows all year round, sending their most up-to-date creations, along with a knowledgeable team of experts who can help find a solution for any application.


During APCO Baltimore 2019, we showcased our Mercury Pro dispatch console in a variety of its customizable forms.

Watson Console at APCO (1)

The Mercury Pro features a high capacity slat-wall monitor array that can support any configuration for all different monitor sizes and positions for better view of status screens. The monitors each retain complete adjustability, allowing dispatchers to adjust them as a group (focal depth adjustment, height adjustment) or independently.

The Mercury Pro features

It is our main priority that our Consoles are designed thoughtfully and intentionally. With height, temperature, lighting and controls easily accessible on the edge band, the Mercury feature sets are truly wheelchair and ADA accessible. Finished with sleek wood and built-in plant holders, Mercury sets are just as beautiful as they are durable, all while encouraging a healthy environment.

The APCO and other dispatcher events are an ideal time for dispatch centers to upgrade their equipment. There has never been a better time to add the most ergonomics and productivity-focused consoles on the market.

Come meet our team at other 911 public safety conferences around the country!

meet our team

The Watson team has a love for designing and planning projects from inception to completion, and 911 public safety conferences are the ultimate meeting grounds for this innovation. Connect with us at one of the following events:

  • Oct 6-9 Missouri Public Safety
  • October 6-8 Oklahoma Public Safety
  • October 8-10 Washington State APCO
  • October 8-11 Montana APCO
  • October 12-16 Gulf Coast 911 (Alabama)
  • October 13-16 Arkansas NENA
  • October 15-18 South Carolina
  • October 20-23 Nebraska
  • October 22-25 Virginia
  • October 27-30 Idaho

Watson at Work

Watson Consoles is dedicated to focus and comfort, reduced stress, and the general health and well being of 911 dispatchers and all Dispatch Centers throughout the U.S. Created with a user-first mentality, Watson’s USA made, functional, durable, and beautiful technology furniture stands out in the world that, most importantly, helps 911 dispatchers and first responders do their job efficiently and effectively. Start building your customized console today, or contact us for more information.

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