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If you are a 911 dispatcher or operator tethered to a dispatch console work station, the opportunity to incorporate healthy movement into your day may feel restricted. We recently shared that non exercise activity thermogenesis, NEAT, can be a valuable part of a plan for a healthier and more resilient you. The best thing about NEAT is that 1) you are already doing it and 2) it is EASY to increase NEAT activities and benefit from the results. Read on for additional information and a few tips for putting NEAT to work.


Introduce NEAT to your dispatch-console-tethered team mates

The team at Precise Nutrition offers, "If you move well, you also think, feel, and live well. It’s proven that healthy movement helps us:Feel well, physically and emotionally

  • Function productively
  • Think, learn, and remember
  • Interact with the world
  • Communicate and express ourselves
  • Connect and build relationships with others"
  • And, when you feel well you add to a healthier work team culture. You are already engaged in NEAT activities that can benefit you in these ways. Up your NEAT to increase the payoff.


    Dispatch console users can benefit from making small tweaks to daily activities

    911 dispatchers, campus security dispatch and active emergency management teams are desk-bound for long periods of time. To maintain good health, you must find ways to move.

    Our friends at The Model Health Show agree that small movements add up to worthwhile results. Here are a few of their suggestions:

    1. Walk around your house while you’re on phone calls (it’s even better to walk around outside!)
    2. If you have a meeting with your partner or work associate, do it while walking (and your brain will work better too).
    3. Make it a mandate to use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator (this can get you an extra 50 to 100 calories burned on average each day).
    4. Walk to drop mail at the post office or mail box.
    5. Consider using one of the stand up desks that are becoming extremely popular right now.
    6. Wash your dishes by hand, rather than using the dish washer.

    And, adding to #5 ... Your dispatch console work station likely has a sit-to-stand function. Put it to good use! Changing position of your desk throughout the day is good for your muscles and joints, and contributes to attaining your health goals. If you are trying to break the multi-hour sitting habit, set a timer and stand for several minutes every hour. Increase the amount of time you stand daily.

    A few more NEAT favorites offered by the Watson Consoles team include,

    1. Park in the farthest parking spot - the extra strides are beneficial
    2. Use a basket at the store instead of a cart and carry out your groceries
    3. If you use a cart, return your empty cart to the store instead of leaving it in the parking lot return area
    4. Take a walk or throw a ball with your dog, or your friends dog
    5. Do a series of desk stretches every 90 minutes or so (you can find a few toward the end of this Compassion Fatigue blog)

    Download this team resource

    If you haven't already, download this free ebook to learn how desk-bound shift work can limit your health goals and why NEAT is an important part of a healthy dispatcher's routine.

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