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Like so many people during this current global pandemic, our first responders and dispatchers are feeling the stress. As we review how Watson can support our critical 911 community, we find ourselves looking at a blog focusing on daily habits. While we cannot control external forces like COVID19, we can control our own actions and attitude to help keep stress levels manageable. Originally published in 2018, these 5 active strategies to improve communications, relationships, and reduce stress still remain relevant. Download and print this 11x17 Healthy Habits poster for your mission critical team. Print it. Post it. Practice it. We hope it helps!

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How are you influencing your PSAP culture?

The way you interact with your co-workers, respond to stress, and your perception about your workplace and the people within it, impacts the dynamics of your whole team - whether you are acutely aware of it or not.

Since 2017, Adam Timm has cooperated with Watson Consoles to deliver monthly blogs focused on helping PSAPs create healthier environments that dispatchers want to work in.

Adam Timm knows that 911 dispatchers and their public safety teams experience periods of extreme stress, daily. He and his team help teams reduce the negative effects of stress on health and relationships, on the job and at home.

The good news? Everyone can influence the PSAP "vibe"!

Five, easy-to-incorporate recommendations for improving team culture put you in the driver's seat. If you have been following Watson Consoles' sponsored Healthy Dispatcher blogs, these recommendations will sound familiar.

Think positive.

It isn’t necessary to be sunshine and rainbows all the time. Quite the contrary, our ability to meet the challenges and continue moving forward can be a source of strength and contentment.

Presume good intentions.

Presuming the best from others paves the way for non-confrontational dialogue and growth. In other words, give the benefit of the doubt.

Practice gratitude.

What are some things that bring a smile to your face? Remind yourself of these things regularly, especially when you notice complaints of the day creeping into your mind. Quickly look at the silver lining. In time, negative thoughts will occur less frequently.


Be mindful.

Calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings and thoughts. Then, decompress. This is an antidote to the stress effects caused by over-thinking.

Build trust.

Get to know your team. Trust fosters compassion and curiosity and transforms the most challenging discussions into opportunities for growth for dispatchers and their leaders.

Print it. Post it. Practice it.

Today, we are happy to offer you 5 Healthy Habits of High Performance PSAP Teams in a printable 11x17 poster. This poster is the perfect size to post at the coffee station, in a meeting room or break-room. Empower your team to take an active role in improving your team dynamics.

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