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Every year here at Watson Consoles, our team looks at all of the opportunities to meet Dispatchers in person. By attending as many local and national APCO and NENA shows as possible, we are able to understand the needs of console users, as well as show our appreciation for the safety they provide our community each and ever day of the year.


One of the best parts of the planning for these events is creating the badge giveaway. If you are active in the dispatch community, then you know how important these badges are! These Dispatcher Badges are how we express our admiration for the 911 Community as well as interact with everyone at each event. And we have had so much fun creating them over the years.


What the Tree of Life means

In these times it can be hard to find expressions of oneness as humanity, but as spring is upon us here, it seems like a tree comes pretty close.

The Tree of Life myth has appeared in many cultures through time, and while it takes many different forms, at heart it often represents the world. It has also often been said that ‘they who save one life save the world entire’. If this is the case, then everywhere around the country, dispatchers are saving the world every day!

Our Tree of Life Dispatcher Badge

This year, our team created the Tree of Life Badge to represent the vital Dispatcher branch. We came up with this concept last winter in 2019, but it seems even more relevant today with the current pandemic.

badge front-1
TOL back -1

Dispatchers and emergency responders maintain a lifeline of support between members of their communities and the help that they need. Doing everything from identifying symptoms of illness, coaching CPR, talking a new expectant mother-to-be through labor, and guiding a scared child to safety.

They are part of the task unit that keeps our society and systems running, keeping us safe during these troubled times.

How are you part of the Tree of Life? Submit your story!

Since we have not been able to see you in person at the now cancelled trade shows, we’ve decided to release our badges virtually!

The gift of your service makes the roots of your community grow deeper and pushes its branches and leaves closer to the sun.

Tell us about a moment of impact in your dispatch career with a comment or a message on Facebook, and we’ll add a leaf to the Tree. Let’s create a visual representation of the impact you make every day on your communities!

Tree of Life Giveaway

As a token of our appreciation, we created a Tree of Life goodie bag for every member at one lucky dispatch center. Thank you to everyone who submitted for a chance to win!

We at Watson salute 911 Dispatchers and wish you a Happy National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week. Thank you for being such a big part of the Tree and for keeping us strong during the storm! We look forward to sunny times ahead.

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