Watson Consoles

Built for the long-haul, Mercury Pro combines a robust steel structure with commercial-grade wood composite paneling, and a unique array of durable finishes that suit conventional and modern interiors.

Mercury Pro's Key Features


Integrated Environment Controls

Desktop cooling fans, ambient lighting, task lighting and forced air heating are all controlled by an in-dash user interface. Cords and cables are housed within the worksurface minimizing any risk of damage.


Worksurface Depth Adjustment

Users can control their monitor viewing distance by adjusting the horizontal position of their entire worksurface using release levers beneath the desktop.


Worksurface Height Adjustment

The entire worksurface and monitor array assembly can be electronically adjusted from a height of 26" to 52". The adjustment switch includes a calorie counting feature and 3 preset positions.


Modular Tech Cabinets

Outboard technology storage can be accessed from two sides, includes robust cable management troughs and an active cooling system to ensure peak computing performance.


In-dash Power Module

An optional power receptacle provides ready access to power for charging personal devices on the desktop. The extension cable is concealed within the worksurface.


Rear Dash Power Module

Concealed beneath an access panel, an 8 outlet strip powers the monitors and eliminates the need for specialized cord lengths.


Monitor Cable Management

End-to-end cable management keeps critical video and power cables in line while the monitor array is adjusted.


Privacy Screens

Tackable, fabric privacy screens delineate individual consoles and allow for personalization. Optional acrylic toppers reduce noise transmission while maintaining critical sightlines.


In-dash Data Ports

Up to 20 data ports can be installed in the front dash for easy access to Cat6, Stereo, and USB. The cables are managed from the worksurface to the technology cabinet.


High Capacity Monitor Array

A vertically adjustable monitor array has capacity for up to twelve 22" monitors and accomodates portrait and large format displays.


Cable Bridge

All technology is stored outboard of the workstation and connected via a secured cable raceway beneath the worksurface.



The R65 compliant Hub serves as the foundation for the console, housing 15 or 20 AMP power infeeds and up to 7 rackmount units.


Status Lights

Status Lights can be mounted to the monitor arrays to visually signal radio or phone activity in active centers.


Steel Frame

A fusion welded 12 gauge steel frame is guaranteed to last.


Modular Design

Mercury Pro's modular design makes installation, relocation, and expansion a breeze.